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Election for the working environment organisation

Election for the working environment organisation

In Det Nordjyske Mediehus, elections are held for the working environment organization every 3rd year and it is now time for a new elections.
A standing election committee has been set up to organize and secure the election process.

Where and when?
The election will take place at Langagervej 1 in Aalborg and all eligible voters are therefore invited to turn up and cast their vote.
You will have the opportunity to cast your vote during the following time periods:

22nd of September at 09:00-16:00 or
23rd of September at 08:00-11:00

When you arrive at Langagervej, please contact the reception and you will then be given a ballot paper. Your vote will be anonymous.
One employee representative must be elected for the work environment group covering the distribution. The future working environment representative is elected for a three-year period until autumn 2025.

Who can stand as candidate?
All employees at Det Nordjyske Mediehus, who per September 1st 2022 has been employed for a minimum of 12 months and worked a minimum of 10 hours per week on average over the past 6 months, can stand as a working environment representative.

Employees in a terminated position or with a long-term absence during the election period cannot stand, as they are prevented from fulfilling their duties as a working environment representative. Students and supervisors cannot apply as candidate.

You stand for the working environment group you belong to, that is, the Working Environment Group covering all distributors.
As a working environment representative on both the manager’s and employee’s side, you work in an organizational and business context. It is therefore expected that you have knowledge of the group and working area, and that you manage to see things from a strategic and tactical perspective. You have the will and desire to work with both a physical and psychological working environment, are development-oriented, good at collaborating and manage to see things in a big perspective.

How do you stand as candidate?
If you wish to stand as a candidate, please send a notification mail to arbejdsmiljovalg@dnmh.dk. We would also like to have a presentation of you and your motivation for running (max. 10 lines) as well as an accurate photo of you. Both your presentation and photo will be presented on Det Nordjyske Mediehus’ intranet, Budzonen and omdeler.nordjyske.dk in connection with the election.

The deadline for sending your presentation and the notification mail stating that you wish to stand as candidate is Thursday 8 September 2022 at 12.00.

Who can vote?
The working environment representative is elected by the employees at the location covered by the working environment group.
Those entitled to vote are:

  • employees of Det Nordjyske Mediehus who are employed both at the start of the election and at the time of the publication of the election results

Managers do not have voting rights.
Any cases of doubt are decided by the election committee.

Publication of the election results
The result will be announced at Budzonen and omdeler.nordjyske.dk Friday 23 September 2022.
Important dates:

  • 8 September 2022 at 12:00 Deadline for candidates to submit election text
  • 12 September 2022 Candidates are presented at Budzonen/ omdeler.nordjyske.dk
  • 22 September 2022 at 9:00-16:00 Polling station is open
  • 23 September 2022 at 08:00-11:00 Polling station is open
  • 23 September 2022 Election results are announced at Budzonen/ omdeler.nordjyske.dk

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