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By-election for NORDJYSKE Holding A/S

By-election for NORDJYSKE Holding A/S

By-election is held for employee representative and alternate to the Board of Directors of NORDJYSKE Holding A/S
Consequently of the business transfer of our printing activity in December, an employee representative and his alternate have resigned the Board of NORDJYSKE Holding A/S.
The Group Election Committee, which is a standing committee, consisting of Jesper Agesen, Lars Dalsgaard Adolfsen, Trine Møller Simonsen, Morten Vinther Jensen and Marian Andreasen, has decided to hold a by-election for the vacancies .

The employee representative and the alternate are elected for the remaining period of the current election period, which runs until March 2023.
The by-election is scheduled to take place in the period Wednesday 17 February at 8:00 to Thursday 18 February 2021 at 12:00.
The Group Election Committee has decided that the by-election will be conducted as a direct election. It means, that all employees eligible to vote in NORDJYSKE Media Group has the opportunity to cast their vote.

Information about the election will be given on the intranet and for distributors at and

How to vote
The selection is conducted digitally for all except distributors.
If you are eligible to vote, you will receive an email with a link to the poll 17 February 2021. By clicking on the link, you open the poll via the SurveyXact-platform, where you can cast your vote anonymously. You can cast a vote on the candidate list for employee representative and a vote on the candidate list for alternate.
For distributors, the election will take place physically on Langagervej. Distributers eligible to vote will receive their ballot at the reception. The vote is cast anonymously. Distributors have the opportunity to cast their vote in the period Wednesday 17 February 2021 at 8: 00-16:00 and Thursday 18 February 2021 at 8:00-12:00. Completed ballots are placed in a set-up mailbox at the reception.

Eligible to vote
Eligible to vote are any employee over the age of 15 who is employed at the time of the publication of the candidate list and at the time of the election.
Each voting employee may cast one vote for each of the positions, employee representative and alternate, respectively. The candidate on the employee representative list whom receives the most votes will be elected as employee representative and the candidate on the alternate list who receives the most votes will be elected as alternate. The alternate will subsequently act as a personal alternate for the employee representative.
Simultaneously with this newsletter, the list of those entitled to vote per 5 January 2021, is published and can be seen in the HR department with a member of the group election committee, Trine Møller Simonsen.

Candidate list
Candidates to the election are hereby invited. Eligible is any voting employee who is of legal age (18 years) and has been employed for the last 12 months prior to the election date.
There will be a candidate list of candidates who are running for employee representative, and a list of candidates who are running for alternate. A candidate may not run for both positions i.e. employee representative and alternate.

Submission of candidate proposals
Candidate proposals must be sent to member of the Group Election Committee, HR Director Marian Andreasen, no later than January 20 2021 , at 12:00 pm.
Candidate proposals are sent to : Marian Andreasen, mail:
Proposals must contain information about the candidate’s position, name and any professional positions of trust in NORDJYSKE Medier Group, as well as the company in which the candidate in question is employed. Furthermore, it must be explicitly stated which candidacy the person in question is proposed for – employee representative or alternate.
Proposals may be submitted by any employee eligible to vote and must be submitted with information about the identity of the proposer. Anonymous suggestions are not accepted.
Proposed candidates decide for themselves whether they want to receive a nomination and hence they can decide not to accept a nomination. Nominated eligible candidates will be contacted by the HR director Marian Andreasen on January 21, 2021 to indicate whether they want to run as candidate or not.

Publication of candidates
Once the candidates have agreed to run for employee representative or alternate, they have the opportunity to make a presentation of themselves and their cause for running. The presentation is sent to HR, Carina Stærmose, by email no later than 25 January 2021. The presentations will be published on 26 January on the intranet and on and together with a list of all candidates, for the position of employee representative and alternate, respectively.

Uncontested election
If there are no more proposed candidates than to be selected, an uncontested election will be established. In that case, the election lapses and the nominated candidates are considered elected.

Publication of election result
The final election result is published on the intranet and on and 19 February 2021.
Newly elected employee representative and alternate will join the Board of Directors of NORDJYSKE Holding A / S at the Annual General Meeting on 25 March 2021.

Note these dates:

  • 20 January Deadline for submission of candidate proposals 25 January Deadline for candidates to submit presentation of themselves
  • 26 January Announcement of candidates on the intranet and /
  • 17-18 February Election is conducted
  • 19 February Election results are published on the intranet and /
  • 25 March Appointment of the new employee representative and alternate at the general meeting.

Yours sincerely
The Group Election Committee

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